Solutions you can see.

Each problem requires a specific solution, and the flexibility of our production process allows us offering any project exactly what it needs. From efficient and wise designed standard parts to self-developed products, our range is able to fit any project. We are here to allow the perfect control of the sun light.


We wouldn´t be able to do it wrong.

Looks are important, but the inside is what really matters. Our wide experience is the confidence our customers look for. Becoming a 20 years old company is only possible by hard work and successful projects, and this is our Bussiness card.


We are here to stay.

Our objective is not a one-time selling. We want to become the sun shading technical assistant that helps you solving sun lightning project issues, both in a design and a budget. Once you start working with us, you won´t want to go back.


Beauty is our value added.

Umbelco is well known as an expert designer and producer of long-lasting products, but we couldn´t stop there. We knew we had to push harder, in order to satisfy the most requiring projects so we developed a wide range of new materials: glass, wood, steel, copper, zinc, phaenolics, etc to add to our unique shapes. Now we are ready.


Conservation of energy.

Since 1996, Umbelco is producing a wide range of louvers for sun shading, to improve the energetic efficiency of buildings. From then, it has grown to what it is now, an experienced louvers producer with 65.000ft2, with it´s own built and designed production means, able to accomplish the hardest projects, both in time and quality.


Sun is always rising.

We have an innovative DNA. We are always looking for better ways to do things, and this way of thinking has allowed us achieving more than 30 patents of both products and productive systems. We are pioneers on energetic saving, scheduled-obsolescence-free products and low maintenance systems.


Makers gonna make

As makers, we start any project from zero. From 3D design, to a finished project, it´s only us and our production means. Our experience, self designed production systems and our technical improvements make the difference. We are only satisfied with the best, so we make it all ourselves.


We are a swiss army knife.

While our standard solutions are always ready to go, as makers, we know the importance of flexibility, so we are able to adapt our designs to fit on time any project, no matter how requiring it might seem.